M15 Prerelease and Magic Workshop

Magic Workshop
July 12th @ 1pm
WTII Games would like to introduce the beginning of our Magic Workshop! Whether you’re just starting out, or still have random questions about the nuances of Magic, we’ll be hosting a learning session this upcoming Saturday to suit your needs. Want your kids to share your passion of Planeswalking, or would you like your parents to learn the intricacies of mana ramping? Join us for a fun, casual event, scheduled just in time for the M15 Prerelease later that night! There is no fee for the workshop and all ages are welcome! However, we do ask that children 13 and under have adult supervision.





M15 Prerelease

Come join us at our M15 Prereleases! Our first prerelease will be a midnight event on Friday (7/11) at 11:55pm and the second will be Saturday (7/12) at 6pm. Space is limited to 60 players at each event therefor RSVPs are required but prepay is not. HOWEVER prepay will allow you to reserve a specific kit color and save you $2. The prerelease promos can be seen below.

Midnight RSVP here.
Saturday RSVP here.

White Prerelease Promo Blue Prerelease Promo Black Prerelease Promo Red Prerelease Promo Green Prerelease Promo

Assault on Imdaar Alpha

At a secret research facility on Imdaar Alpha, Imperial scientists are developing a deadly new starfighter that could avoid Rebel sensors and scanners, providing the Empire with the means to crush the Rebel Alliance forever…

Attention all X-Wing™ fans!

This May, Assault at Imdaar Alpha is your chance to get your hands on preview copies of the game’s fourth wave of starfighters: the Z-95 Headhunter, TIE defender, E-wing, and TIE phantom!

wave4-layout-2From left to right: E-wing, Z-95 Headhunter, TIE defender, and TIE phantom

What Is Assault at Imdaar Alpha?

FFG’s Assault at Imdaar Alpha is a global preview event, showcasing the fourth wave of X-Wing starfighters at exclusive pre-release tournaments taking place May 31st @ 1pm.

How Does It Work?

Players bring 100-point squadrons and compete through a number of Swiss-style preliminary rounds while following all the standard rules described in the X-Wing Tournament Rules document.

However, in the final round, everything changes! After the close of the preliminary rounds, the tournament’s two top players set aside their personal squads and command new squads that they build with the starfighters included in the event kit.

One player will construct an Imperial squad that fields both the TIE defender and TIE phantom. The other will construct a Rebel squad that utilizes the Z-95 Headhunter as well as the E-wing. Both players will complete their 100-point squadrons by adding starships and upgrades from their existing X-Wing collections. Then, each of the tournament’s top four participants get to claim one of the preview expansions!


May 31st
Registration begins at @ 11am (Max 32 players)
Tournament starts @ 1pm.

Entry Fee:

$5 or purchase of a X-Wing Expansion.


1st Place – First choice of one Assault at Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion
2nd Place – Second choice of one Assault at Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion
3rd Place – Third choice of one Assault at Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion
4th Place – Fourth choice of one Assault at Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion
Top 16 – One commemorative Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art
BONUS — We will be also using 1-2 boxes of FFGs 2014 Season 1 Organized Play Kits.