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Whose Turn Is It?

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Whose Turn Is It? Games is a retail game store that specializes in board games, card games, miniatures, and roleplaying games. We host weekly game nights for almost all the genre of games we sell.

At Whose Turn Is It? Games we have a large shelf of free demo games, like Settlers of Catan, you and your friends or family can play any time. Looking to play Magic: The Gathering? We have 6 different MTG tournaments throughout the week. Want to play some RPGs? Our game space has the perfect tables and a good supply of snacks and drinks for your group.

What People Are Saying

  • ” Great store that knows their stuff. They can teach just about any game with out judgement. Patrick, the owner, has a nice collection of the most popular games to try before you buy. The also have a lot of gaming space for miniatures, magic, pathfinder and board games. Right off South Lamar. “

    – Jay Elgin –

  • ” Wonderful, cozy store. The product is amazing, found a deck box that I thought was only sold in Europe. Card stock was plentyful and well documented. Best card shop in Austin! “

    – Jarret Thrasher-

  • ” I’ve played at other game stores but i really can’t see myself ever being as comfortable there as i do here, its kind of like a big weird extended family. “

    – Isaiah Goldfarb –

  • ” Best gaming store in town, hands down. Friendly owner, staff, a very fun place to spend my time. “

    – Jonathan Hardin-

Come to Our Events

We have gaming events nearly every day of the week at our shop in Austin off or south larimer.  From Mini gams to Settlers tournaments, to Magic, we play games endlessly.  Come and join our community.  Check out the event calendars and introduce yourself.

  • Mini War Gaming
  • X-Wing Minis
  • $6 Standard Magic Tourney
  • FNM Sealed
  • FNM Standard
  • Magic: Game Day
  • Drafts
  • Commander
  • Casual Magic
  • Return to Ravnica Draft
  • Conspiracy 2 Draft
  • GPT Dallas – Modern

Magic: The Gathering

Magic-the-Gathering-LogoWe host Magic events nearly everyday and have a large selection of singles to choose from! For more information on our Magic events check out our calendar page or give us a call at 512 294 2740.

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